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how to masturbate and enjoy the pleasure? -

Masturbation is a one of the method of sexual enjoyment. Self embarrassment and self enjoyment is called as masturbation.
If you are male you can make atmosphere in your mind and move your hands to penis and making yourself as sexual excitement.
If you are Female you can rub your breasts and as well as your vagina and put your finger on clitoral part for more excitement. You can enter fingers instead of male tools as a sexual enjoyment..
it is safe and have not any harm like physically and socially also....

After how much time of marriage should normal sex begin?

If both are new for sex and they don't have any experience before marriage. the Normal sex act will take some times. It is depends on both male and female's sexual education about their own and partner's sexual organs and also the changes of sexual acts. If female has shyness and fear for pain and also about pregnancy, Man must have to educate her and also takes her in sexual mood.

Role play is a good one for making normal sex as early as you want. As per Indian normal couples who has not any experience, eve they don't have any knowledge of sexual parts of their partners takes 15 to 25 days for normal sex.

Those couple who are coming from city area and they know each other before marriage and also they do such things like touching, kissing each other, watching all body of each other before marriage, they have not any shyness so they act normal fast.
As per female body's anatomy , the vaginal canal is bit narrow before sexual acts and after such sexual activities, the muscles being normal... so it takes times to make the normal sexual act.

Washing before SEX

Question :
I am married last year April 2007. My husband is a scientist.I am working as a software engineer.we both are happily living couples. we do sex every weekend. My husband always insist to wash before we do the sex. He also wash. I feel this is not right all the time, since i think, we should do it immediately, whenever we get the husband insist for oral sex all the time, but i prefer, when we are not washing it, we can do the normal sex.but still he deny and says even for the normal sex he insist to wash for both. so i think, i am missing the moments. can you please suggest me on this ?

Answer :
Hey, As per hygienic Phenomena, Your husband is right. As per sexual health adviser always prefer to wash both male an d female sex organs before going to bed. And if you go for oral sex it is always preferable to wash out such organs must. But you have a such trouble for arousal and natural sex desires, so you both can adjust as per your understanding. But it is true that Medical science prefer always wash sex organs before and after sex.

Nervousness and tiredness due to Masturbation

I am 25 yrs old with good physique. recently i found i am getting tired very often.I don't drink or smoke,but used to masturbate twice a week.does masturbation causes nervous problems? if occurs what are the remedy for it?
Mahesh Patil - Aurangabad
Ans :
Your frequency of masturbation are not more, however you must have to prevent your body from tiredness and as well as nervousness problem..
Takes these medicines :
1. Suvarna Makardhvaj vati 1 tab evry morning with milk
2. Aswagandharishta 2 tea spoon with warm water twice a day
3. Jatifaladi churna 1 gram twice a day with milk
4. Narsinh vati 2 tabs at bed time.

Take this remedies for three to four months and make your body healthy and prepare it for marriage.

Sexual heart Problem with Diabetes

I am 63 years male diabetic patient since 10 years. My blood-sugar level is under control due to insulin and other drugs but I have lost vitality and vigor since many years.Along with diabetes, I am having heart-problem too.I was operated for ASD in the year 1967 and was healthy since then.My weight is 54Kgs. and height is 5'4".One of the Ayurvedic medicines shopkeeper gave me (1) Sheelajit by Dabur (2)Suvarna Makardhawaj Vati (shree Naranarayan Ayurvedic Pharmacy)and (3)Yakuti Ras ( Baidyanath) and ask me to take two piles of Sheelajit and one-one of other two daily with warm milk.I want your help. Above medicines are right for my sexual-heart problem? I have totally lost erection and ejaculation since long.Please help.

Mr. Rameshbhai
Right now Your Past history about ASD and also Diabetes absolute effects your vitality and vigor. And therefore you must loss your erection and also your age effects it too. Now I want to tell you that Sheelajit is suitable for you. but Suvarna makardhvaj is not preferable when you have heart trouble in past. You must have to taken up only herbal medicines, which have not any metal parts. like mercury, copper, iron etc..
All metal containing medicines are better for health if those purification done properly. In these commercial atmosphere no one Vaidya prefer it if he has no trust on Pharmaceutical companies. If Vaidya makes himself, it is preferable.
You can takes such medicines;
1. AAkarkarbhadi gutika 2 tabs twice a day with milk
2. Kam sanjivani gutika 1 tabs twice a day
3. Apply Shreegopal oil on your penis twice a day and don't wash it,even if you can go for intercourse also.
Check your Blood pressure and diabetes regularly.

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Query : Increase my Breast size.......

Anonymous ....


I want to increase my breast size and bust size too. My age is 29 and I am married. Currently my breast size is 34B. I want to increase more than this and I want my breasts to be more firmer. I do not have any children as of now. Can u suggest me some creams or lotions as I am staying in USA?


Answer :

As per Ayurveda You can make your breast bigger and firm through massage therapy. You have to massage your breasts With Ayurvedic medicated oil like Ashwagandha tail, Shreeparni Tail Or if Not available any oil you can use simply til oil or apply Ghee or Butter..

Massage both breasts more than 20 minutes a day in round the clock order and after half an hour you must wash them with warm water...

Don't wear tight clothes, wear slightly loose clothes, so your body can grow it self.

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How can i produce my sprems ( Increase Sperm count)

Question : Any medicine which will help to produce sperm in my testis naturally as having other male?
Answer :First i want to tell you that you must have to find out why your testis not produce sperms as other man and after that you must rule out your sperm count and motility in your semen.

If your semen report is doubtful, you must go for Color Doppler sonogram of your testis. If this report shows all thing are normal and have not any sign of vericocele. you are anatomical fine.
Then you have to rule out your hormonal tests like testosterone.. if this is in normal limit. You must get fantastic result the following medicines of Ayurveda.

1. Ashwagandhavleha one tea spoon twice a day
2. Suvarna makardhvj vati 1 tab twice a day with honey
3. Vrushya churna one spoon twice a day with mil
4. Tab. Fortage (Alarsin) 2 tabs thrice a day

Diet :
1. Avoid Spicy and Namkeen diet
2. Avoid Tobacco, Guthka and other soft drinks which contains soda.
3. Avoid much sexual intercourse
4. Take milk, Butter, Ghee,, Sweets and all the dry fruits and fruits..
5. Don't wash testis form warm water....
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